Kings Of Fashion Unites



This season two fashion kings have surprised the world with their astonishing collaboration. Sabyasachi’s new couture collection is called “Bater” that he collaborated with Christian Louboutin. 

Bater is name of a bird, endangered in India. This is the first collection that Indian designer Sabyasachi have collaborated with Christian Louboutin. Sabyasachi Mukherjee and Christian Louboutin collaboration have left many viewers breathless and everyone can’t seems to stop talking about the work,that they have presented at Amazon Indian Couture Week 2015. According to  Sabyasachi his collaboration with Louboutin can described as “extremely Parisian footwear with an Indian baroque sensibility.”


The set design for the show seems to be inspired from gothic architecture. The use of tall windows, frosted glass and rustic metal looks are the key elements when describing gothic architecture. The colors, props and minimal use of lights gives an impression of surrealistic dark art. The show set used a wooden floor ramp and walls coated with multiple layers of rustic polish that gives the show a very earthy look with a historic charm in a new age world.


Sabyasachi’s entire collection was consist of dark deep tone colors. His show started with black outfits with gold intricate details. The show was executed with such perfection that everyone left with a wow factor. Everything presented at the show had a darker undertone. From clothes, hair, make up to the grim of the dark sets and even the strains of violin.

Sabyasachi used exaggerated eyelashes with deep dark lips and diminutive bindi to define his model’s looks.  As for the hair, it was quite simple and sleek, hair parted from middle and tied in a low bun for the women, and as for men all men were dressed with beard and mustache. According to designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee “facial fuzz will be the biggest beauty trend for men in the coming seasons, and he himself is certainly practising what he’s preaching.”

Sabyasachi and Louboutin have crafted all the model’s look with very edgy minutiae. All the accessories and footwear were very detailed and uniquely designed with the use of spikes, nets, embroidery and laces that significantly contributed darkness towards entire collection.


Sabyasachi’s collection was very traditional. Each outfit was very body conscious and demonstrated a lot of traditional Indian hand embroidery. Sabyasachi’s choses a deep shade of red to close the show.His red dresses caught audience attention with a blink of an eye. Though Sabyasachi’s choses traditional silhouettes and old techniques. The over all look of his entire collection was very modern and contemporary. This is one of the best shows in the history of Indian fashion and I have enjoyed it very much.


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