Situational Leadership And Diversity


           A Leader should lead a group without any hesitation. He or She should be broadminded and is willing to accept every individual within the group, and should not favor one over another. Today Leadership and Diversity have become a major part of the management workforce. In different organization it also plays it part towards corporate globalization and establish cultural sensitivity, to prepare leaders on how to come up with efficient operations and effective results.

            Situational Leader style is define as, “when the leader or manager of an organization must adjust his style to fit the development level of the followers he is trying to influence” (by Leigh Anthony, Demand Media) This style of leadership allow leaders to figure out how, when and where they needed to adjust their style to match the skillsets of their team members.  Leaders and managers are few people, who have to deal with diversity challenges every single day. If they are prepared they can have the advantages of the opportunities it offers. Leader will more likely to succeed by being effective coaches in a diverse workplace. It will help leader or manger to gain the trust of employees, which will lead to for efficient result. Though law prohibits Discriminatory practices. They are widespread in our society and most of the times cause major challenges for managers and leaders.

            Diversity is define as “the state of having people who are different races or who have different cultures in a group or organization” (Merriam Webster Dictionary) Itisa subject of a very powerful emotion for every individual who deals with it either directly or indirectly.  The major issues involving with diversity in our society today are due racial, cultural and religious differences; it is also an element for issues such as bullying in our society. These challenges not only impact an individual but also affecting entire society we live in. Its been spreading like an incurable disease without any preventions. Show like “what would you do” did a great job in show how discrimination is effecting every American today. It has become very common in our society that we blame entire nation for the mistake done by few. The reason that some time many innocent people gets fired or laid-off from there jobs without and proper explanation. A leader should know the difference between right and wrong before making any decision.

            Discrimination often takes its root from societal biases, stereotypes, and misinformation. Instead of believing societal biases and treating employees falsely based on stereotypes assumption and misinformation, a leader should use situational leadership practices by evaluating the performance of every individual within the team and evolving them progressively based on their performance evaluation, which shows how effective and efficient and individual employee and if he or she is ready to take on new responsibilities and initiatives.

            By using situational leadership skills in competent professionals working environment allow leaders to remain focus and be ready for critical decision-making and also coaches them to get mature while adapting the communication style and to treat others like you would like to be treated.







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