Who we really are???

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Our life is full of expectations, and idealism that we often forget who we really are. We struggle our whole life to prove that we are worthy of something that most of us aren’t even sure about. We just walk on the path given to us without questioning ourselves that do we even want this, and, when we leave this world we have regrets and just one longing that, I wish I could turn back the time so I can live my life the way I always wanted to live.

The question is, do we have to wait till the last moment to realize what we have lost and what we could have gained. We talk about change, but never make an effort to implement that change. We complain and blame others for things that we are some how also responsible for, but too afraid to admit it. Why we like to wait for “what if” moment and cry thinking about the past. Did God send us to waste our time on the worldly things and blame faith for it, if things didn’t work out? What is the real problem is it really faith or human themselves. Either we think that we are superior and no one below us or are we surrounded by so much darkness that it has become impossible to see slightest light. The world have become so materialistic, that in order for us to help a poor person, we demand full attention from media, so we can express what great of a person we are, without thinking that we might offending or hurting someone’s feelings.

We have often heard people saying that life is short, so live your life to fullest, but never heard people talking about their choices and consequences, but than. Does it even matter? Everyone is so busy planning how to win the race, that they have forgotten the fundamentals of living. Brotherhood, unity, harmony are just empty words that use to mean something few years ago. But than who is responsible for this lifestyle? technology, media, society, we as an individual? Who? and that still remain an unanswered question. There is so much that we can learn, just by observing our surroundings, our past. It is obvious that we are losing the value of humanity, and it isn’t considered a big deal.

Is there really no identity of an individual or It is the society we live in that defines us. The society makes a huge psychological impact on our decisions we make and on our lifestyle, and it is society that makes traditions, laws in the name of keeping people together. The better way to define society is, “the fear that people have in their mind”. It’s a mindset that gives priority to materialistic lifestyle. Today, we proudly talk about new inventions and gadgets available to us, but we don’t know the person who basically lives in our neighborhood for past twenty years. It’s funny because, someone I know said that’s not true and I asked him, that do you know who live in your neighbor and he become speechless. We as an individual have lost the ability to think and make decisions on our own, for we have to look up to the society for the approval.

What is our value? Are we really worth few dollars that you can claim from insurance? Is money, society really worth risking your life for? These are the questions, individuals should ask themselves. I think people are forgetting about the biggest truth that it doesn’t matter if you are rich or poor, what race, cast, and society you belong to? You have to die one day and all the worldly things will remain here you strive hard to get.


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