Pretty In Pink!!!


Colors have always helped designers to bring new trends to season. Every season/year is defined by colors in the world of fashion. The trend of wearing a colored wedding dresses is rising. In last few years, we have seen many celebrities wearing colored wedding dresses especially in pink, Anne Hathaway, Gwen Stefani, Jessica Biel etc. have chosen sophisticated shades of pink for their wedding dresses than traditional white color. Many brides today have celebrities as their inspiration. Many designers have bought modern designs and sophisticated color pallets through their collections every season, that have given a new prospective to today’s Bridal industry. Every designer uses a unique color palette for his or her bridal collections to inspire its buyer, colors can tell a lot about a person’s personality. Designer’s uses colors to get their idea across the motive behind their inspiration and design. While a consumer uses colors to define his or her emotions, traits, mood, and personalities

Among many designers, Vera Wang is one of the few who plays an important role in in bringing up this new trend in bridal industry. She was one of the few who bought colorful bridal dresses as a largely consumer product, not just for celebrities bride but also for the majority brides. Now colored bridal dresses are available in large variety from fashion shows to department stores. Last year Vera Wang’s Ombré was a huge success at David’s Bridal stores. Her new collections not only show influential designs but also are available in different colors. Recently Zac Posen also has announced the launched of his creative ideas and stylish look at David’s Bridal store at affordable price points.

In the year of 2014, there is a large variety of bridal dresses for all brides to be. Unique designs with intricate details, different kinds of laces and embroidery to attract its audience, now every bride can look stylish, trendy, at affordable price.

“Let’s color define who you are, on your Wedding day”


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