Dilemma of Status-ism in a Worldly Lives…

Dilemma of Status-ism in a Worldly Lives

The world around us has changed in so many ways, but there are a few things that remain the same. Whether the country is democratic or communist, there is one common denominator in every country, government, society and that is, the value of status in one’s life. Throughout the history the importance of status has increased and improvised in many ways.

In my Art History and History of costume class in college I have studied that, In ancient Greek and Roman times people have used colors to represent the superiority among themselves, colors like purple which was considered the royal color and only royals, aristocrats, and rich people were allowed to wear. Nowadays, we don’t have colors to sort out the poor and the rich as they have been replaced by the use and possession of luxury products that are now defining the statuses of the new era. People think that carrying or wearing a luxury designer brand can not only make them, the center of attention but also make them superior to others. It seems like a sonority contest. Even the films that you see show people fighting to get into power and to be a supreme ruler, but they don’t realize that there is no such thing. It’s an illusion created by big luxury firms to make their products sell well, the illusion that is too intimate that you are willing to give up everything for, just to be the owner of an ostrich skin leather bag or a thousand dollar pump that you are afraid to wear and it stays in your wardrobe for years, so there are no damages and stays new.

According to the Merriam Webster Dictionary the definition of Status is “the position or rank of someone or something when compared to others in a society, organization, group, etc.” In this era that we are living in, the need of wealth and status, is taking over many other aspects of one’s life. It is normal for low-income people to have a dream of owning a high society status and the best way to do that is to associate itself to high end products. So, one can hangout with the people he or she wants, to hide their identity like they are guilty of something, and desire to be someone else. Thus, this shows that the people are more materialistic and power greedy than humane in nature. It is believed that desire for high status is greater in those who cannot afford the true luxury so, they use counterfeits to match those they recognize to be wealthy.

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2 thoughts on “Dilemma of Status-ism in a Worldly Lives…

  1. i love the line ” this shows that the people are more materialistic and power greedy than humane in nature”
    so true!

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