The Image of a Woman in the eyes of Media

Media, and Fashion have painted a new portrait of a woman, where the perfect seems to exist only with the help of Photoshop.  According to Almost 100% of the images you see of models and celebrities are altered.” From magazine’s cover to simple advertisement, all the images are photo shopped to create the perfect look, which is so unreal. Here is a 5 minutes video that gives a briefing on this ideology, which has been created by mass media.

After reading several articles and watching YouTube videos, on the status of women in the mass media and in reality, I decided to write a short summary on the new perspective of the 21st century women. There are so many historic articles on the Women’s rights movement of 1960, the biggest movement in the history of United States of America. There are so many successful stories about women’s achievement, but then why the women today are still lacking respect that they deserve in the society.  Women are still fighting for being paid less or paying more in medical insurance. In one of the recent articles published at stated that,

“That’s one of the arguments made on an August 27th Fox & Friends segment featuring Dr. David Samadi. Samadi claimed that men should not pay as much as women for insurance because: “We only have the prostate. Women have the breasts, the ovaries, the uterus, they get checked in every part.”

Here is the link if you want to read the entire article

I have found many interesting articles and YouTube Videos with strong messages that I would like to share because I think everyone should watch and share it with the world. For example

An amazing 4 minute video, by The Representation Project, gives a strong message to its audience, it rewinds all the events from the films, and television reminding us when, where, and what happened in 2013 in the entertainment industry. I must say that everyone who watched this video, has at least thought that

“Women and girls deserve a better representation in the media and in our larger culture” The representation Project.

There are several articles on websites like and cosmopolitan, that talk about the new plus size Barbie model by Worth100, and on the Photoshop magazine cover of Jennifer Lawrence, on which many people on social media have left, disappointed comments, especially for the face look of the new Barbie and other many other aspects.


Here is the link for the entire article

There is a good and bad in every society but, it is with deep regret that only few people care to notice about the good deeds happening around them and the majority is busy complaining and only caring about the bad part of the society. Women like Angelia Jolie, and Angela Ahrendts should be the role model for the future generation. Their support and hard work not only shows that they are compatible, but also defines them as a born leader, But in past year media showed very little effort to promotes such women. Another amazing Video made by Pantene Philippine called “Label Against Women” tells a lot only in 60 seconds

The article on the Pantene advertisement can be found on, Here is the link

These are a few facts I thought I should share. I hope you liked this article, but due to limited resources the entire article is based on Youtube videos,, Cosmopolitan and “Please leave feedback and suggestion for me, on what topics you want me to write about or how I can improve.” Thank you!


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